Posted on Feb 1, 2016

February 2016 Constituency Newsletter

A new year, a new start! Students are already back to school now. I would like to wish everyone good luck with their studies. For the parents of young children who may be ready for kindergarten, just a friendly reminder to check out your local schools for registration and scheduled open houses.

Here are some updates of the school projects going forth in Calgary- Bow:

Some of you may already know that the West Springs/Cougar Ridge Middle School was originally approved as a starter school and scheduled to be completed in September 2016. However, it has now been approved to be a fully built school and as a result is scheduled to be completed in January 2017.

As for the Bowness High School Modernization. A request for additional capital was submitted to the Capital Budget Council and has been approved. In addition, approval for a Robotics/Pre-engineering program was also granted. As a result of the additional funds to support the modernization, construction is slightly behind the schedule and completion is expected in January 2017. Go Trojans go!

I would like to take a moment to welcome the Syrian refugee children that have joined the Belvedere-Parkway Elementary school this New Year, and commend the effort on all sides to make this a positive experience for these young people. Principle Derek Rakowski has informed me that both the community and student body have been very helpful in making this a warm welcome. Belvedere- Parkway was chosen because they had empty classrooms available to use for the integrative LEAD (Literacy, English, and Academic Development) program being offered.

I look forward to connecting with the grade 6 students within the riding as part of their social studies classes. I also welcome invitations to participate in other school functions over the course of 2016.