Posted on Jul 14, 2016

June 2016 Constituency Newsletter

Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Prominence Retirment Home in Patterson Heights June 2016

The Legislature has been in session for close to three months now. It has been very busy as we have been going though many important pieces of legislation. Some of it, such as our Climate Leadership Plan, is critical to our continued economic and environmental well-being as a province.

Our economy and the environment are not mutually exclusive. Alberta will always be an energy producing jurisdiction and energy will always be key to our economy. It creates thousands of jobs and every Canadian benefits when our energy industry is strong. We also have the opportunity to tap into the expertise, the know-how and the ambition of the people in our energy industry to open up new markets, reduce harmful emissions and build the energy industry of a world-leading jurisdiction.

The carbon levy is a fair way to reinvest into our energy industry and put a price on pollution. Traditionally, everybody who uses carbon based fuels for heating, driving or electricity pays for that use. The amount you pay increases depending on usage. People who consciously limit the amount of carbon and pollution they emit will also limit the amount they pay.

Our government has made sure that low and middle-income Albertans will receive rebates for what they pay into the levy. Six in ten Albertans will receive these rebates.

Every penny over and above these rebates will be invested in green technology and economic diversification, offering more work opportunities and more money flowing into our economy. Our Climate Leadership Plan will put Alberta where we belong: at the front of the pack as a global energy and environmental leader.

I am proud to be co-sponsoring Bill 22, An Act to Provide for the Repatriation of the Indigenous Peoples’ Sacred Ceremonial Objects. This is the first step in helping to ensure that all Indigenous communities will be able to reclaim sacred ceremonial objects in provincial collections, now and in the future. I also spoke in support of many bills, including Bill 204: Alberta Tourism Week Act, Bill 202: Affordable Housing Review Committee Act, Bill 205: Pharmacy and Drug Amendment Act and Bill 206: Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day Act.

I also had the opportunity to question the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, Kathleen Ganley on the Alberta’s government response to the concerning increase of domestic violence in Calgary. . I questioned the Honourable Minister Schmidt about support for students in Fort McMurray and the evacuated areas. Student Loan payments for residents of Fort McMurray and evacuated areas have been deferred for 6 months. 

I look forward to spending this summer in Calgary – Bow, participating in the many and varied events of the summer with you. I am hosting my first annual stampede lunch on the Winsport sundeck, July 10th, from 12-2PM. I hope to see you there! My office is open all summer, and as always, my door is always open.