Posted on May 2, 2017

March 2017 Constituency Newsletter

Hello Calgary Bow,


As we move into March and April and leave winter behind I’m very happy to be part of a government that is doing its best to move the province forward together.

Good news on the economic front as cautious optimism returns to the energy sector. We’ve also moved ahead with tax credits for small business that will spur investment and with cutting the small business tax by 1/3. Small business owners will save an estimated $185 million in 2017 as part of Alberta’s plan to transition the province to a greener, more diversified economy. Back in October I hosted a ‘Meet and Treat’ at my constituency office collaborating with small businesses in Calgary Bow, and I will continue meeting with businesses in the riding. Our government wants to make sure small business have the support they need to thrive and grow.

 We’re also continuing to invest in infrastructure like roads, hospitals and schools which keeps people working and provides essential facilities for everyone. I was happy to attend the opening of the West Ridge Middle school that opened its doors January 2017. I am also proud that Bowness High completed their modernization project September 2016. I was at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre when our Government announced that we are going to be investing in a new Calgary Cancer Centre that will lead to better cancer care for people in Alberta. Every day about 43 Albertans learn they have cancer and with our province’s growing population, that rate is expected to go up. The Calgary Cancer Centre is well into the planning stages and will be located on the northeast corner (Lot 7) of the Foothills Medical Centre Campus.

We know that Calgary is still a long way from the boom years but as the economy improves we hope to see the unemployment rate in Alberta decline as well.

Support for things like retraining, the STEP program, and the approval of the Kinder-Morgan and the Enbridge Line 3 pipelines mean that the stage is set for a solid economic recovery in the province. The pipeline approvals specifically were the result of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Program, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made that clear when he said:

On November 29 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced approvals for two pipeline expansions. As part of the announcement, he said:

“Let me say this definitively, we could not have approved this project without the leadership of Premier Notley and Alberta’s climate leadership plan. Alberta’s climate plan is a vital contributor to our national strategy. It has been rightly celebrated as a major step forward, both by industry and the environmental community.”

The Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program has received over 800 applications and continues to receive approximately 10 new applications every day. This program lets seniors stay in their homes longer, and stay close to family and friends for as long as their health allows.

Taking care of our seniors and allowing them to age in the community is one of our priorities, and looking after the youngest and most vulnerable in our province is a priority too. That’s why we moved ahead with improving access to quality, affordable child care by initiating the development of 18 new Early Learning and Child Care Centers across the province.

For those children who are in care, we’ve struck an all-party panel to come up with concrete recommendations for improving safety, and we’ve created a new Ministry of Children’s Services to start to focus specifically on the needs of children.

I encourage you to contact my office if you have any further inquiries.