Posted on May 2, 2017

October 2016 Constituency Newsletter

Hello Everyone,


Fall sitting of the legislative session is set to commence on October 31, 2016. I am encouraged by the number of people that have contacted my office, or spoken to me at events with their questions, concerns and compliments. I am looking forward to bringing all of these with me to our fall sitting of this session, and I commit to continue to be your voice in the legislature. I encourage you to contact my office if you have questions about government programs or proposed legislation in this fall session. An engaged community is a strong community!

Reflecting on engagement, I would like to speak on the incredible support the community associations in the Calgary Bow constituency continue provide our community. Over the past month I have attended ribbon cutting ceremonies to celebrate the completion of new community projects, participated in community campaigns to promote safety and awareness, and social gatherings, put together to simply help connect with one another. The list goes on. I look forward to attending the annual winter festivities, and watching our local teams compete in winter sports.

Please note that during session I am in Edmonton from Monday through Thursday and that I stay quite active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to maintain communication with you. My office remains open, and my dedicated staff are available to assist you with any Government service you may require from your local provincial constituency office. I return Thursday evenings, and spend the weekend in the community, connecting face to face with the constituency. Please don’t hesitate to let my team know of any upcoming events or ceremonies that you are hosting!

This fall I will be hosting a number of “Coffee and Chat’s” in each of the communities here in Calgary Bow and I ask you to keep an eye out for those advertisements, and join us when you can.

I look forward to our next meeting, happy Thanksgiving!

Twitter: @yycbow




Deborah Drever

MLA for Calgary Bow